The Giant Under The Snow

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The Giant Under The Snow - Book Cover

Our philosophy is simple: Pick a wonderful and much-loved children’s novel whose story thrills and grips us to the very end, turn it into an amazing Screenplay and attach a fabulous creative team and cast to turn it into an award-winning film. The film’s Producer, David Rogers, has Directed and Produced many pop promos and corporate films over the years, but was looking for a major project to get his teeth into. Tidying out his attic one cold winter day he opened a storage box – and an old dog-eared copy of The Giant Under The Snow was looking back up at him. The rest is history…

“Jonk reached higher, standing on tiptoe, and brought her arms down again, but faster. She rose a yard into the air and this time did not sink back. Moving her arms in a sort of wide swimming stroke she rose slightly higher and began to move away from them. Bill ran towards her, but she went away faster and faster. He looked for wings but it was her arms that held her in the air.”

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