The Giant Under The Snow


The Giant Under The Snow - Cover

One snowy Christmas, three children accidentally uncover a rusted old relic that contains a mysterious and dangerous power, plunging them into a strange world of ancient legends and magic. Their find resurrects an evil Warlord and his army of thin, spidery Leathermen who will stop at nothing to gain the relic for themselves. In a desperate race against time, the children must return the relic to its rightful owner – as whoever possesses it can wake an unbelievably huge and powerful force of nature – one that has lain asleep for centuries underground and use it for good or unstoppable evil.

And the legendary Giant Under The Snow is beginning to stir…

“There was a time when this part of the country was fortunate. Nothing disturbed it; nothing for generations. But then a creature came from over the sea, a warlord. He had been displaced from his own country and he came with a gang of knights who offered nothing but the sword. They fought their way steadily inland and they dragged their boat with them as a sign they would stay.”

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